Remote Sensing and
GIS Mapping Software
from I.S. Ltd

I.S. Ltd are the UK & Ireland distributors of the EASI/PACE remote sensing system, OrthoENGINE and ACE mapping software, developed by PCI Inc of Toronto, Canada.

Remote Sensing Software

The EASI/PACE remote sensing and GIS software features advanced land-use classification routines, advanced radar analysis, digitial orthophoto production (from aerial photography, SPOT, Landsat, ERS-1 and JERS-1), digital elevation model extraction, vector editing and digitising, and FLY! terrain visualisation software.

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A powerful collection of tools for processing radar data from airborne and satellite-borne radar instruments, e.g. Radarsat, ERS-1, JERS. Features include orthorectification, texture analysis, radar filters, interferometry and DEM generation, and radar change detection.

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OrthoENGINE is a suite of software packages designed to simplify and speed up the process of orthorectification, i.e. removing distortions due to terrain, camera lens distortion, and in the case of satellite imagery, earth curvature. A flow-line processing procedure combined with bundle adjustment allow users to rapidly produce orthophoto maps for large areas. PCI's GeoGateway technology allows output to different formats for exporting to Geographic Information Systems. The OrthoENGINE AD product can also generate digital elevation models from stereo air photography.

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GeoAnalyst has been developed for geologists and geophysicists who need to integrate remote sensed data with Geoscience information. Features include:

  • multiple geographically-linked image windows
  • read/write access to over 50 raster and vector formats and to Generic ASCII vector technology gridding, contouring, texture measures, shaded relief, filtering (spatial, despeckling and frequency domain), digitizer support and output to cartographic quality hardcopy maps.
  • data fusion
  • favourability mapping
  • automatic lineament extraction
  • satelliyte-derived dip/strike and contact extension

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    ACE, the Advanced Cartographic Environment, is designed to provide professionals with a flexible intuitive tool for creating cartographic quality maps to desired specifications from image and GIS databases. ACE features raster and vector manipulation, full WYSIWYG display, symbol editing, cartographic priorities, object layering for true feature representation, and import / export to over 50 data formats.

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